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Lasagna is one of those basic dishes that almost everyone loves to eat! I made a gluten free version of this lasagna for my gluten free challenge with Albert Heijn (Dutch supermarket). I also adjusted my regular tomato sauce a little and it just turned out great! No, not with chipotle this time but with some other veggies to have an even more veggie packed lasagna. 


I absolutely love the Italian kitchen! It has so many tasty dishes and so much more variation than only pizza and pasta! 



These gluten free brownie squares are super duper tasty! Besides that they are gluten free they are also refined sugar free and free of lactose! These brownies were a big hit, gone in seconds and loved by everyone (young and old!). The perfect birthday or sweet party snack if you ask me. These ones are super moist and fudgy plus the chocolate swirl on top makes them even chewy! 



Do I need to say more? The gluten free star of this recipe? Buckwheat flour which is just a little more affordable than almond flour. I brought these brownies to a birthday party last week and it was a big success. They loved them not even knowing that it was a healthy version of the brownie (ok besides the Nutella that I putted in that one!). I mean for a birthday you can make it a little more special right? After that, I created another version without the Nutella and this one will be shared with you here.  


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Gluten free recipe number 2! Made with almond flour, lemon and yoghurt plus sweetened with honey! Super tasty and healthy cupcakes to make for your easter brunch or just to have as a snack during the week. You whip these tasty little cakes up in less then 10 minutes plus some oven time. 


The combination of lemon and yoghurt makes these little cakes very fresh and tasty! The perfect spring/summer snack if you ask me! Plus great for your easter inspired snack of course! The almond flour gives these cakes a great nutty taste. 




glutenfree pasta, chipotle pasta, gluten free recipes, healthy food recipes, gluten free pasta


As the gluten free recipe challenge of Albert Heijn has started, I would like to kick off this challenge with a gluten free, tasty and freshly made chipotle pasta sauce! Which tasted absolutely delicious! Not a big fan of spicyness? No worries just leave the chipotle out and you have a great home made tomato sauce.


Personally, I am not a super fan of really spicy dishes. But once I moved to Mexico I had to get used to at least a little bit of spicyness as the people here can eat spicy as hell! I remember the first time I went for 'street tacos' I putted some of the sauce on my taco and taught by myself,  this can never be that spicy. But I can tell you that yes it was. Let's just say that I was literally on fire. 


One week ago, I received a gluten free package from Albert Heijn (Dutch supermarket) with all their new gluten free products in it! It contained gluten free pasta, cookies, cake, flour, oats, and crackers amongst others. Of course, I was super enthusiastic about the cookies as a true sweets lover! But of course also about the flours and pastas as with the flour I can make more healthy sweet treats! The challenge is to create 5 gluten free recipes with the gluten free ingredients of course I am super enthusiastic to get started! 


As I know very little about gluten free diets and gluten intolerance, I first wanted to do some research about this subject and share this knowledge with you foodies! As we hear more and more nowadays that people are gluten intolerant or follow a gluten free diet. This got me wondering, is gluten free a healthy lifestyle of just a hype? 


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With nuts, a good food processor and some patience, you can make your own healthy and tasty nut butter. Almost everyone loves it, eats it and uses it in their recipes. Peanut butter pancakes, peanut butter plus banana and of course the famous peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Peanut butter is just so damn tasty plus it is a perfect food to implement into your healthy lifestyle! 





Goodbye 26, Hello 25! Eh I mean 27 of course, or as some say here, 20siempre (I will stick to that one!). Is it just me, or is time really going fast? Maybe it is a sign? Am I really getting older? Well I am pretty sure that the days and hours are still the same. However, is it just me or are you guys with me that I still feel as though there is never enough time in a week to do what i need to do!! Well let's get to the serious talk now foodies! 26 has been one of the best years so far and the best is yet to come! I took a big step by quitting my job and moving to Mexico for the love of my life and it is the year that I got engaged to that love those were definitely highlights!



There have been many great changes this year, the start of Healthyfoodiefood, the building of new friendships and maintaining the other ones that have become long distance. From sweet goodbyes to my love to sweet goodbyes to family and friends, it keeps being difficult but hey it is what it is. It is just amazing how many things can ...


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Last Friday was my 27th birthday! 27 already, time goes fast but I am still young! Read this post for a flashback on the past 365 days! The funny thing is, that the day before (the 9th of March) it's my boyfriend's birthday. So we always have 2 days of celebrations in a row! That's why I had a good reason to make a special healthy cake! This cake has a super tasty crust with as main ingredient, oats! It's naturally sweetened with honey and therefore refined sugar free. Substitute the eggs for flax eggs and you have a vegan birthday cake!


The chocolaty creamy inside is THE BEST! It is so creamy and tasty, writing about this makes me want to eat another piece of this tasty cake! Topped with blueberries and pistachios for an extra bite, gave it the finishing touch! Because it was our birthdays, I topped the cake with some extra vegan chocolate on top (just mix some coconut oil with cacao powder!).  


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Want to fancy up your rainbow rice noodle salad? This healthy version of chicken satay will just do the trick! I mean, who doesn't love chicken satay? The creamy sauce with a nutty taste, it's just awesome tasty! You can make a whole batch ahead and freeze it in a tupperware for when you don't have that much time to cook. This recipe is also kid friendly, they will love the mild and creamy taste of this sauce! Sprinkle a little bit of the peanut sauce over your rainbow rice salad  and it will have some extra bite to your salad (I love to combine sauces!).


Where most traditional peanut sauce recipes use sugar, coconut milk and peanut butter, this recipe skips the coconut milk and uses homemade almond butter as a replacement of the peanut butter which gives the satay sauce an absolutely delicious taste. This way, it will be easier to incorporate the sauce in your diet! 


Everyone is talking about it, healthy habits, healthy lifestyle, healthy foods and so on. Everyone nowadays loves to throw around the word 'healthy' as much as they love their peanut butter and chocolate cups. The word just feels good to say, like it will magically transform us into a more clean and 'healthy' form of ourselves. This is (unfortunately) not true. To live a healthy lifestyle and become a better version of yourself you need to work hard and be consistent, which is very difficult for loads of people, including myself. 


I have experienced this with quite some clients now, they think they are living a healthy life but when they come to me for advice and we discuss their lifestyle, it turns out that their lifestyle is not as healthy as it is supposed to be. The result of this is that common 'healthy' habits can sometimes lead to problems, backfiring on the very benefits they intend to provide you with. Here are some 'healthy habits' to reconsider, or at least learn a little more about these so called habits: 



When I see this salad, I think about spring and summer! It is so colorful and happy! I like to make a big batch of this salad and have it on the days that I don't have too much time to cook, add a grilled chicken or some grilled salmon and your meal is ready. Of course, you can also add some nuts and you have a ready to eat salad as well (for all the vegetarians and vegans).


A little while ago, I made this salad for a dinner party with friends and family and I have to say, it was a big hit! Now when we are hosting other dinner parties, the people keep on talking about this delicious salad or asking if I can please make this dish again when they come and eat. So looking for something easy, healthy and tasty for your dinner party? Look no further! This rainbow salad will do the trick for sure! 

Chocolate peanut butter rice cake snack

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I have found my perfect snack with some of my favorite ingredients, chocolate and peanut butter! THE perfect combo if you ask me, who's with me?! Add in a little bit of amaranth and rice cake and you have yourself a perfect snack for the whole week that's whipped up in less than 10 minutes (plus some fridge time).  


Today it was time for healthy budget recipe number 2! A pesto, chicken veggie pasta which was absolutely delicious! I love the taste of the zucchini noodles with pesto. Plus it is ready in no time, as you will see below where I posted the recipe. Normally, I like to make the pesto myself just a big batch that I can store in the fridge and take out whenever I want or need it for my pasta, sandwich or salad. However as pine nuts are not really budget proof, I used the pesto of Albert Heijn's own brand which is a very good replacement if you ask me! 


So why zucchini noodles in stead of pasta? Zucchini is low in calories and carbs but very high in for example potassium. I used zucchini noodles for this recipe since I normally consume all my carbs during breakfast and lunch and therefore have a low carb dinner. This is just what suits my lifestyle and makes my body feel good. If you need more carbs or normally have a higher carb meal in the evening, I recommend you to substitute the zucchini noodles for whole wheat pasta as we definitely need carbs for our body. 

Basic pesto recipe (Full&skinny)

I already mentioned that in my budget challenge I used pesto from a jar. Nothing is wrong with that of course and it tastes really good as well. But When you make it yourself it is just a little more tasty don't you think? Plus it is so easy to make pesto yourself, all you need is a good foodprocessor or blender and that's it (plus the right ingredients of course). This is the recipe of a basic pesto but I also started to experiment with some more healthy less fatty versions of this goodness. 


Let's start with the basic recipe and if you guys want to have different pesto's I will be glad to share the recipes here! When I make pesto, I try to make a big jar because I just love to use it for loads of things. Add some more avocado or olive oil and you have a great salad dressing (for your caprese or green salad!) Spread it on your sandwich, put a spoon of pesto in your soup or just use it as a pasta sauce! Endless possibilities with this green goodness. 

Healthy budget recipe #2: mashed sweet potato with kale

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Or as the Dutch know it, stamppot! This budget dish is healthy and easy to make plus super tasty, I just love the taste of sweet potato! Add in some garlic, onion plus kale, a homemade meatball and you are all set for a healthy and tasty budget dinner! Not really a kale person? Swap the kale for spinach, also super tasty with sweet potato. 


As I still had some cottage cheese left, I added this into the mashed potato mixture to make it a little more creamy. I didn't use any milk to make the mashed sweet potato but just the boiling water of the sweet potato itself which makes it a little more light and healthy of course and no worries it will still be a tasty and creamy mash!

AH budget cooking challenge

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With the above ingredients, I am going to cook this week for the 5x5 budget challenge of Albert Heijn (Dutch supermarket chain). Since the beginning of February, I can call myself an Albert Heijn Ambassador and will collaborate with them every month on a different theme. This month's theme was cooking on a budget. Cooking 5 days for 5 Euros per day. For me this is also an opportunity to show you guys that healthy eating does not need to be expensive at all. For example all these groceries costed me €22,16, the zucchini's are on sale this week! So I even stayed a bit under my budget (Ha! so proud!). 


I have to admit that I never really watched very carefully how much I spend on my groceries. Of course I watched it a little bit but never looked at it very consciously. This challenge has made me more conscious to also watch my 'grocery budget' a bit better in the future (especially since we are getting married!!). I know that this is a fortunate position to be in that you don't need to watch your budget that close, but not everyone is in this position so I also want to show with this budget challenge that you can eat healthy and fresh foods on a budget! 

Tasty mango coconut cake

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As it is 'summer' all year round here in Cancun, I love to make fresh, tasty and of course healthy cakes! I have been experimenting with this mango coconut cake for a while but now I have finally found the perfect delicious and nutritious recipe for you guys! I just love the taste of mango and coconut is one of my favorite ingredients so to combine these two tasty ingredients in one exotic cake is just perfection! 


I have to say, the mangos here in Mexico are just so much more damn tasty then the mangos we get in The Netherlands. It is really too bad but hey, what can we do about it! They still have great taste, just a little less! This cake will still taste amazing with those mangos as well so no worries! 


This cake is again, refined sugar free and naturally sweetened with dates and honey. It is also gluten free as the base is made from nuts and dates. Which makes this cake suitable for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! Of course also as a snack! Put some more decoration and candles on it and you have your tropical healthy birthday cake! Just perfection, if I may say so! 


So if you want to dream off to a tropical island, simply make this cake, cut a piece, take a bite and close your eyes! You will find yourself wandering off to a tropical island for sure! 

What about a cheat meal?

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We have all heard about the cheat or reward meal concept. You see it everywhere, on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other Blogs. Those super tasty looking cheesy french fries or perfect looking piece of chocolate cake. I love the idea of a cheat meal because in my opinion, you obviously need to fuel your body with the right healthy foods most of the time however, sometimes you need some 'fuel' for your 'soul' as well in order to keep up with that healthy diet and also because those foods are just so damn tasty!


We all love a good old greasy / sugary / high calorie sweet or salty cheat meal! In my, opinion this is a great thing to do. Let's go crazy! In the weekends I always have one thing on my to-do list, having my CHEAT MEAL! The purpose of a cheat meal is to help you stick to your diet and reward yourself for all the hard work you have done as well as what you have accomplished so far. For me this is a beloved part of the week and I always spent that time consciously, planning and thinking ahead of what I would like to have that day. Sounds a bit intense? Maybe it is, but hey, (almost) every person loves something greasy / sugary / high calorie, sweet or salty don't we? 


basic banana bread recipe

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This super easy healthy basic banana bread is your perfect snack, breakfast or lunch for when you're on the go. It provides you with the right nutrients and is so tasty! 


I was searching for such an easy and tasty banana bread recipe for a long time now. But I have to say, I have found the perfect combination of ingredients now and it is tasty as hell! Make this bread on a Saturday or Sunday and you will have your breakfast or snack ready in no-time during your busy working week. 


asian glass noodle salad

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This is your tupperware salad to work or school, the color bomb salad that you can make to impress your guests, just a quick meal prep to have a healthy nutrition packed lunch or dinner during the week. 


I present to you the Asian Glass Noodle salad packed with raw veggies and covered with a very tasty and healthy dressing. I like to make a little more of this salad so I can have a lunch or dinner ready for those busy days during the week.


The key to this salad? The dressing, it really makes this dish. If you taste it on its own you may think that I'm exaggerating, but once massaged into those raw veggies and glass noodles it loses the strange taste and brings the whole dish together nicely.

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