Chickpeas are basically great in almost any dish! In your salads, in rice dishes, as a flour for baking and to make HUMMUS of course! But there is another way to enjoy these delicious healthy and tiny peas.... Yes TADAAA crispy, salted, tasty and oven roasted as a healthy snack! WARNING: this can be addictive! 

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A little background on this delicious good... Chickpeas are also known as garbanzo beans and are originally cultivated in the Middle East. Chickpeas are also a great source of both soluble and dietary fibre, important for your digestive system. As these little chickpeas are high in protein, it is a perfect protein source for vegans and vegetarians.


Did you know (I didn't!) that ground chickpeas have been used as a coffee substitute for ages? They are still commonly used as a caffeine-free alternative nowadays. People claim the taste to be delicious, so why not give it a try?! 


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Tips & tricks for roasted chickpea perfection: 


Oven roasted chickpeas are as easy as it gets to make. Toss them with avocado oil or olive oil, add some sea salt, roast them in the oven and ENJOY! But, there are a few important tricks to keep in mind. 


At first, dry the chickpeas very thoroughly between two clean and dry dishtowels.


Secondly, be generous with your olive or avocado oil. The less you use, the less crispy your chickpeas will be.


Finally, season the chickpeas at the very end as spices have a tendency to burn and become bitter when heated for longer time.  



These are my life-hacks for chickpeas (amazing isn't it?). Let's continue to the real deal, the recipe. 



how to make crispy oven roasted chickpeas



Yield: 2 cups 


  • 400G chickpeas (soaked overnight) 
  • 2 tbsp avocado oil (or any other oil)
  • pinch of sea salt 
  • 4 tsp spices (I used, red pepper powder, black pepper, chili powder and curry powder)



  • Pre heat oven to 200 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 
  • Pour the soaked chickpeas in a strainer and rinse under running water. 
  • Dry the chickpeas between two clean and dry dishtowels. The chickpeas are dry when they look matte. 
  • Spread the chickpeas evenly over your baking sheet. Drizzle them with avocado oil and sea salt. Use a spatula to turn the chickpeas and to make sure that they are evenly coated. 
  • Place the chickpeas in the middle of the oven and toast them for about 20 - 30 minutes. Turn the chickpeas every 10 minutes until they are golden and lightly darkened. 
  • Let the chickpeas cool down and season them with the spices.



  • Like them super crispy? Don't wait too long and eat them hot as when the chickpeas cool down, they lose their crispyness and become deliciously chewy (in my opinion!) 
  • Use this toasted goodness in your salads or in your soup as a replacement for croutons! 
  • Variations are endless regarding spices! Want sweet roasted chickpeas? Use some honey, cinnamon and nutmeg to created a delicious sweet and healthy snack. 

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