it's my birthday and i blog if i want to

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My birthday cake this morning, DAIM CAKE, my favortie!!

Goodbye 26, Hello 25! Eh I mean 27 of course, or as some say here, 20siempre (I will stick to that one!). Is it just me, or is time really going fast? Maybe it is a sign? Am I really getting older? Well I am pretty sure that the days and hours are still the same. However, is it just me or are you guys with me that I still feel as though there is never enough time in a week to do what i need to do!! Well let's get to the serious talk now foodies! 26 has been one of the best years so far and the best is yet to come! I took a big step by quitting my job and moving to Mexico for the love of my life and it is the year that I got engaged to that love those were definitely highlights!



There have been many great changes this year, the start of Healthyfoodiefood, the building of new friendships and maintaining the other ones that have become long distance. From sweet goodbyes to my love to sweet goodbyes to family and friends, it keeps being difficult but hey it is what it is. It is just amazing how many things can change in 365 days! I have learned so much about myself this year, not to mention how important it is to stay true to yourself and to appreciate the family and friends that we have.

What I have learned this year: 


Definitely to be more patient. Some things just take time and will not happen overnight. This was especially the case when I just moved to Mexico. I was thinking by myself, did I  take the right decision? Why don't I speak Spanish yet? Where are my new friends (my new VSQUAD!)? Why isn't my blog successful yet? All these things don't happen overnight, it all takes time and effort. The patience also counts for appointments here in Mexico. ''I will see you tomorrow at 2.00 pm'', the next day at 2.00 pm, ''where are you? We have an appointment right?'', I am so sorry but I will not be able to make it today. Maybe tomorrow. Trust me, as a Dutch this requires patience and boiling points!


Be present and put your phone down!  Not everything needs to be on insta stories or photographed just enjoy the moment look at it though your eyes and not the phone screen! This has been quite a challenge for me as I love to take loads of pictures but I have learned that it is very important to enjoy the time you spend with loved ones as it is very precious. 


Don't be ashamed of your own believes and life!  This goes especially for healthy foodie food. It is ok to show who I am, what I like but also what might scare me here on the blog as well as on my social media channels, it is never always a good day everyone has their bad days and it's ok to show it, hey everyone is human. It is ok to sometimes show that your life is not perfect, everyone has bad luck sometimes or a breakdown. It is ok to take a picture of the food in a restaurant and ask people to wait, don't be ashamed. People will be pleased when they see the results of these great pictures, but stop after that picture and enjoy your time with friends. 


Planning is key. When I first started with Instagram and my blog I was just posting something every day and writing when I had time. However, I have discovered that planning is key, this way you will always have content and it saves you so much time. Plus I love to make lists and plan so it's perfect for me. I just needed to find a way to incorporate it into Healthyfoodiefood. Planning as well relates to our upcoming wedding which will involve loads of planning (only happy planning!). 




My goals for this year: 


- Surround myself with people that are supporting and loving 


- Less phone time, more real social time and living in the moment 


- More planning


- More writing about MEXICO


- Start to help more people towards a healthy lifestyle 


- Grow the Healthyfoodiefood following 


- At least read one book a month 


- Plan the most awesome wedding 


- Visit my family and friends in The Netherlands 


- Develop more healthy recipes 


Cheers to 27! The best is yet to come! 


Love, Nienke (Healthyfoodiefood)

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