Lasagna with ricotta cheese

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Lasagna is one of those basic dishes that almost everyone loves to eat! I made a gluten free version of this lasagna for my gluten free challenge with Albert Heijn (Dutch supermarket). I also adjusted my regular tomato sauce a little and it just turned out great! No, not with chipotle this time but with some other veggies to have an even more veggie packed lasagna. 


I absolutely love the Italian kitchen! It has so many tasty dishes and so much more variation than only pizza and pasta! However, I have to say that those are definitely one of my favs! It is just such good comfort food. Which I wish I could eat every day even twice a day! This lasagna is made with gluten free lasagna sheets, want to skip the lasagna sheets? Replace them with grilled zucchini and eggplant! Super duper tasty and it makes for a very veggie packed lasagna!  

The tomato sauce is made with minced chicken and a mix of tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers and herbs. I have to say, this worked out just great and I will stick with this sauce for a while I guess! 


Sometimes these sauces can turn out a bit watery that's why I added some extra veggies like carrot and bell pepper but also used a little bit of arrowroot to bind the sauce a little in a healthy way! What's arrowroot?  Arrowroot is a healthier alternative to cornstarch has no flavor or odor. Most importantly for this recipe, arrowroot is gluten free and studies show that arrowroot is highest in protein compared to other starches. 


The trick to making this lasagna lower in fat and calories but still creamy/cheesy? That will be the ricotta cheese! A great substitute with a great taste if you ask me! 

Prep time: 30 minutes, Cook time: 40 minutes, Total time: 1 hour & 10 minutes

Serves: 5-6 people 




- 500g chicken mince 

- 500g ricotta cheese   

- 1 package gluten free lasagna sheets 

- OPTIONAL: some grated mozzarella for the topping 



- 1 can organic peeled tomatoes 

- 4 carrots 

- 1 red bell pepper 

- 1 medium onion

- 4 garlic cloves 

- 1 tsp chili flakes, 1 tbsp Italian herbs, 1 tsp paprika powder, pepper and salt to taste 




1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees (C) and line up a glass bowl for the lasagna 


2. Heat some avocado or olive oil in a medium sauce pan. Sautee the onion first on low fire for about a minute than add in the garlic. Sautee this for another 2 minutes before adding the rest of the chopped veggies and peeled tomatoes. Let the veggies and peeled tomatoes come to a boil and than add in the chipotle peppers plus herbs and pepper/salt to taste. 


3. Now, place everything in a blender and blend until everything is smooth. Meanwhile, in the same pan heat some more avocado/olive oil season the chicken mince with pepper/salt/Italian herbs and bake until its done. Than add the chipotle sauce back in, let this come to a boil and let it simmer for about 5-10 minutes. 


4. When the sauce is done simmering, you can start to 'build your lasagna. First a layer of sauce followed by some ricotta cheese and the lasagna sheets, pressure the sheets good. Do this until the bowl is full. 


5. This is optional: if you want you can top your lasagna with some mozzarella and dried herbs. 


6. Place the lasagna in the oven for about 30-40 minutes.


7. Serve immediately or store in fridge or freezer in an air tight container. ENJOY!


glutenfree pasta, chipotle pasta, gluten free recipes, healthy food recipes, gluten free pasta

Hope you enjoyed this gluten and lower in fat lasagna recipe as much as I did! What do you think about ricotta as a replacement for the normal sauce? Let me know by commenting below!


Love, Nienke (Healthyfoodiefood) 

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