BREakfast, the most important meal of the day!

Tasty mango coconut cake

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As it is 'summer' all year round here in Cancun, I love to make fresh, tasty and of course healthy cakes! I have been experimenting with this mango coconut cake for a while but now I have finally found the perfect delicious and nutritious recipe for you guys! I just love the taste of mango and coconut is one of my favorite ingredients so to combine these two tasty ingredients in one exotic cake is just perfection! 


I have to say, the mangos here in Mexico are just so much more damn tasty then the mangos we get in The Netherlands. It is really too bad but hey, what can we do about it! They still have great taste, just a little less! This cake will still taste amazing with those mangos as well so no worries! 


This cake is again, refined sugar free and naturally sweetened with dates and honey. It is also gluten free as the base is made from nuts and dates. Which makes this cake suitable for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! Of course also as a snack! Put some more decoration and candles on it and you have your tropical healthy birthday cake! Just perfection, if I may say so! 


So if you want to dream off to a tropical island, simply make this cake, cut a piece, take a bite and close your eyes! You will find yourself wandering off to a tropical island for sure! 

healthy Christmas granola




It's the most wonderful time of the year lalalalala! As the christmas music sounds trough the speakers, a christmassy oven smell fills the house and the christmas tree + decorations are set, it is officially a happy holiday! 


I love it when the house gets filled with this cinnamon smell as it gives me an instant christmas feeling. I have to say, not only does your house smell like christmas, you will also feel like christmas when you make (and most importantly eat) this delicious and easy granola recipe!  

everything Açai bowls




Açai bowls have been popular for a while now. You can find them in loads of restaurants and (juice) bars nowadays on the menu. With a lot of variations and different toppings. This is with good reason, they are delicious, easy to make and super healthy! But why are they healthy and how can you make the most delicious açai bowl? Here a little more about this superfood and some recipes for you to try!