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As the gluten free recipe challenge of Albert Heijn has started, I would like to kick off this challenge with a gluten free, tasty and freshly made chipotle pasta sauce! Which tasted absolutely delicious! Not a big fan of spicyness? No worries just leave the chipotle out and you have a great home made tomato sauce.


Personally, I am not a super fan of really spicy dishes. But once I moved to Mexico I had to get used to at least a little bit of spicyness as the people here can eat spicy as hell! I remember the first time I went for 'street tacos' I putted some of the sauce on my taco and taught by myself,  this can never be that spicy. But I can tell you that yes it was. Let's just say that I was literally on fire. 


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Want to fancy up your rainbow rice noodle salad? This healthy version of chicken satay will just do the trick! I mean, who doesn't love chicken satay? The creamy sauce with a nutty taste, it's just awesome tasty! You can make a whole batch ahead and freeze it in a tupperware for when you don't have that much time to cook. This recipe is also kid friendly, they will love the mild and creamy taste of this sauce! Sprinkle a little bit of the peanut sauce over your rainbow rice salad  and it will have some extra bite to your salad (I love to combine sauces!).


Where most traditional peanut sauce recipes use sugar, coconut milk and peanut butter, this recipe skips the coconut milk and uses homemade almond butter as a replacement of the peanut butter which gives the satay sauce an absolutely delicious taste. This way, it will be easier to incorporate the sauce in your diet! 


When I see this salad, I think about spring and summer! It is so colorful and happy! I like to make a big batch of this salad and have it on the days that I don't have too much time to cook, add a grilled chicken or some grilled salmon and your meal is ready. Of course, you can also add some nuts and you have a ready to eat salad as well (for all the vegetarians and vegans).


A little while ago, I made this salad for a dinner party with friends and family and I have to say, it was a big hit! Now when we are hosting other dinner parties, the people keep on talking about this delicious salad or asking if I can please make this dish again when they come and eat. So looking for something easy, healthy and tasty for your dinner party? Look no further! This rainbow salad will do the trick for sure! 


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Today it was time for healthy budget recipe number 2! A pesto, chicken veggie pasta which was absolutely delicious! I love the taste of the zucchini noodles with pesto. Plus it is ready in no time, as you will see below where I posted the recipe. Normally, I like to make the pesto myself just a big batch that I can store in the fridge and take out whenever I want or need it for my pasta, sandwich or salad. However as pine nuts are not really budget proof, I used the pesto of Albert Heijn's own brand which is a very good replacement if you ask me! 


So why zucchini noodles in stead of pasta? Zucchini is low in calories and carbs but very high in for example potassium. I used zucchini noodles for this recipe since I normally consume all my carbs during breakfast and lunch and therefore have a low carb dinner. This is just what suits my lifestyle and makes my body feel good. If you need more carbs or normally have a higher carb meal in the evening, I recommend you to substitute the zucchini noodles for whole wheat pasta as we definitely need carbs for our body. 

Healthy budget recipe #2: mashed sweet potato with kale

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Or as the Dutch know it, stamppot! This budget dish is healthy and easy to make plus super tasty, I just love the taste of sweet potato! Add in some garlic, onion plus kale, a homemade meatball and you are all set for a healthy and tasty budget dinner! Not really a kale person? Swap the kale for spinach, also super tasty with sweet potato. 


As I still had some cottage cheese left, I added this into the mashed potato mixture to make it a little more creamy. I didn't use any milk to make the mashed sweet potato but just the boiling water of the sweet potato itself which makes it a little more light and healthy of course and no worries it will still be a tasty and creamy mash!

AH budget cooking challenge

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With the above ingredients, I am going to cook this week for the 5x5 budget challenge of Albert Heijn (Dutch supermarket chain). Since the beginning of February, I can call myself an Albert Heijn Ambassador and will collaborate with them every month on a different theme. This month's theme was cooking on a budget. Cooking 5 days for 5 Euros per day. For me this is also an opportunity to show you guys that healthy eating does not need to be expensive at all. For example all these groceries costed me €22,16, the zucchini's are on sale this week! So I even stayed a bit under my budget (Ha! so proud!). 


I have to admit that I never really watched very carefully how much I spend on my groceries. Of course I watched it a little bit but never looked at it very consciously. This challenge has made me more conscious to also watch my 'grocery budget' a bit better in the future (especially since we are getting married!!). I know that this is a fortunate position to be in that you don't need to watch your budget that close, but not everyone is in this position so I also want to show with this budget challenge that you can eat healthy and fresh foods on a budget! 

asian glass noodle salad

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This is your tupperware salad to work or school, the color bomb salad that you can make to impress your guests, just a quick meal prep to have a healthy nutrition packed lunch or dinner during the week. 


I present to you the Asian Glass Noodle salad packed with raw veggies and covered with a very tasty and healthy dressing. I like to make a little more of this salad so I can have a lunch or dinner ready for those busy days during the week.


The key to this salad? The dressing, it really makes this dish. If you taste it on its own you may think that I'm exaggerating, but once massaged into those raw veggies and glass noodles it loses the strange taste and brings the whole dish together nicely.

thai pumkpin soup

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Delicious warming and easy Thai Pumpkin soup! Yes even in Cancun it gets cold (well at least chilly) and I love to eat some warm soup when that happens which is now. I mean this morning at 6 I went for my morning run and I regretted putting on shorts as it was only 18 degrees! I know this is a Dutch summer but it is so strange how fast you can get used to warm temperatures and the comfort of the sun. Anyway I am not wining because I know it has been very cold and snowy in The Netherlands for the past days! So I will send some warmth to you Dutchies!


Let's get back to this Thai pumpkin soup! This soup is wholesome, healthy and made from great ingredients. It is a great recipe to mealprep for the working week when everyone already has busy schedules or to take to work just heat it and it's ready to eat! Add some cottage cheese for good proteins and more creamy-ness. 

sweet potato crust quiche

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Oh do I love quiche? Yes I love it very much especially the unhealthy types like quiche Lorraine, gimme please! However in real life we can not always eat what we love (if we want to watch our health and body of course!). Therefore, we need to come up with alternatives that are as tasty and delicious but also good for us! If you are looking for something similar too, look no further! I have found just the recipe for you! 



This quiche is delicious, healthy and super easy to make! With a nice side salad of rocket, cabbage, cucumber and some spring onion it makes a perfect lunch or dinner! Or if you are into salty breakfast, that too of course.  Click below to go to the recipe!

Healthy sweet and sour chicken


So after all these indulgements, it is time to switch to balanced healthy meals again and to stay true to your new years resolutions (if you have them!). A good way to start is with this healthy sweet and sour chicken recipe. 


I have never liked the store bought sweet and sour sauces as they just contain too much salt and other chemicals. Plus it is so easy and fast to make your own that once you have made this sauce yourself, you will not want it any other way!