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Basic pesto recipe (Full&skinny)

I already mentioned that in my budget challenge I used pesto from a jar. Nothing is wrong with that of course and it tastes really good as well. But When you make it yourself it is just a little more tasty don't you think? Plus it is so easy to make pesto yourself, all you need is a good foodprocessor or blender and that's it (plus the right ingredients of course). This is the recipe of a basic pesto but I also started to experiment with some more healthy less fatty versions of this goodness. 


Let's start with the basic recipe and if you guys want to have different pesto's I will be glad to share the recipes here! When I make pesto, I try to make a big jar because I just love to use it for loads of things. Add some more avocado or olive oil and you have a great salad dressing (for your caprese or green salad!) Spread it on your sandwich, put a spoon of pesto in your soup or just use it as a pasta sauce! Endless possibilities with this green goodness.