HEalty sweet and salty snack recipes

cinnamon walnut banana bread

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Hello Foodies! 


I'm back and have a lot of new blog posts and delicious recipes coming up for you! I will start with this tasty banana bread covered in chocolate and walnuts with a cinnamon and vanilla inside. Doesn't that sound delicious? Well I have to say, it doesn't only sound delicious but it is as well! With a prep time of about 15 minutes this is your perfect meal prep snack for during those busy workdays. Prep ahead during the weekend, cut them in slices and store them in the fridge or freezer for a healthy on the go snack. 



These gluten free brownie squares are super duper tasty! Besides that they are gluten free they are also refined sugar free and free of lactose! These brownies were a big hit, gone in seconds and loved by everyone (young and old!). The perfect birthday or sweet party snack if you ask me. These ones are super moist and fudgy plus the chocolate swirl on top makes them even chewy! 



Do I need to say more? The gluten free star of this recipe? Buckwheat flour which is just a little more affordable than almond flour. I brought these brownies to a birthday party last week and it was a big success. They loved them not even knowing that it was a healthy version of the brownie (ok besides the Nutella that I putted in that one!). I mean for a birthday you can make it a little more special right? After that, I created another version without the Nutella and this one will be shared with you here.  


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Gluten free recipe number 2! Made with almond flour, lemon and yoghurt plus sweetened with honey! Super tasty and healthy cupcakes to make for your easter brunch or just to have as a snack during the week. You whip these tasty little cakes up in less then 10 minutes plus some oven time. 


The combination of lemon and yoghurt makes these little cakes very fresh and tasty! The perfect spring/summer snack if you ask me! Plus great for your easter inspired snack of course! The almond flour gives these cakes a great nutty taste. 




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Last Friday was my 27th birthday! 27 already, time goes fast but I am still young! Read this post for a flashback on the past 365 days! The funny thing is, that the day before (the 9th of March) it's my boyfriend's birthday. So we always have 2 days of celebrations in a row! That's why I had a good reason to make a special healthy cake! This cake has a super tasty crust with as main ingredient, oats! It's naturally sweetened with honey and therefore refined sugar free. Substitute the eggs for flax eggs and you have a vegan birthday cake!


The chocolaty creamy inside is THE BEST! It is so creamy and tasty, writing about this makes me want to eat another piece of this tasty cake! Topped with blueberries and pistachios for an extra bite, gave it the finishing touch! Because it was our birthdays, I topped the cake with some extra vegan chocolate on top (just mix some coconut oil with cacao powder!).  

Chocolate peanut butter rice cake snack

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I have found my perfect snack with some of my favorite ingredients, chocolate and peanut butter! THE perfect combo if you ask me, who's with me?! Add in a little bit of amaranth and rice cake and you have yourself a perfect snack for the whole week that's whipped up in less than 10 minutes (plus some fridge time). 


This one passed the test completely, as these little peanut butter chocolate squares/bars/bark were gone in minutes. My boyfriend (or fiance now!) liked them very much as well as his brother! So if they are approved

by these two dessert kings, they must be good! That's why I want to share this easy tasty recipe with you. 


Tasty mango coconut cake

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As it is 'summer' all year round here in Cancun, I love to make fresh, tasty and of course healthy cakes! I have been experimenting with this mango coconut cake for a while but now I have finally found the perfect delicious and nutritious recipe for you guys! I just love the taste of mango and coconut is one of my favorite ingredients so to combine these two tasty ingredients in one exotic cake is just perfection! 


I have to say, the mangos here in Mexico are just so much more damn tasty then the mangos we get in The Netherlands. It is really too bad but hey, what can we do about it! They still have great taste, just a little less! This cake will still taste amazing with those mangos as well so no worries! 


This cake is again, refined sugar free and naturally sweetened with dates and honey. It is also gluten free as the base is made from nuts and dates. Which makes this cake suitable for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! Of course also as a snack! Put some more decoration and candles on it and you have your tropical healthy birthday cake! Just perfection, if I may say so! 


So if you want to dream off to a tropical island, simply make this cake, cut a piece, take a bite and close your eyes! You will find yourself wandering off to a tropical island for sure! 

basic banana bread recipe

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This super easy healthy basic banana bread is your perfect snack, breakfast or lunch for when you're on the go. It provides you with the right nutrients and is so tasty! 


I was searching for such an easy and tasty banana bread recipe for a long time now. But I have to say, I have found the perfect combination of ingredients now and it is tasty as hell! Make this bread on a Saturday or Sunday and you will have your breakfast or snack ready in no-time during your busy working week. 


When having this tasty bananana bread for breakfast, simply add a little bit of almond butter or chia jam and you are ready to start the day! It is refined sugar free and gluten free. Which makes this also a perfect snack for your kids to take to school as it will provide them with the right energy to get through their school day. 



Healthy Cinnamon chocolate cookies

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So let's start this healthy new year with healthy new cookies! As it is time to eat more balanced and healthy as of now but we still want to enjoy ourselves without the guilt obviously I made these delicious wholesome cinnamon chocolate cookies! Made with 100% whole food ingredients and refined sugar free. Believe it or not, they still taste great! Not a big fan of the cinnamon taste? Leave it out but I have to say, the combination of the chocolate with cinnamon and banana gives these cookies its great taste! 


These cookies will be my snack for this week. To take with me to Starbucks (which is basically my office). Take a glass of almond milk with it and you have your healthy version of 'milk and cookies'! Just yum! Endless possibilities here foodies so feel free to use your creativity on this one and please share your creativity with me! 

Healthy granola cookies


After making this tasty healthy christmas granola recipe, I could not help but start to wonder about healthy, tasty and kind of christmas(y) granola cookies as well. That are easy to make and provide you with a delicious and healthy holiday snack or just as a cookie to go with your coffee.


Let's talk about these healthy granola cookies by stating the obvious first, this homemade granola cookie is obviously way more healthy and of course tasty than the store bought granola bars that are loaded with sugar and artificial flavours. So, skip the store bought granola bars and make this easy and fast recipe! 

(Healthy) fudgy coconut brownies


These healthy, super fudgy, tasty coconut brownies are absolutely delicious! They can be eaten (almost) without any guilt as they are refined sugar free and can be made flourless when replaced with almond flour in stead of whole wheat flour! So don't underestimate the power of clean foods my foodies, as they can provide just the perfect snack for every sweet tooth (like myself).


My favorite part of this brownie? The combination of chocolate and coconut

 Oh boy do I love these two ingredients! The touch of coconut is these brownies? This will take you to heaven (if you love coconut and chocolate as much as I do!)


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A delicious, rich, nutritious and healthy banana bread recipe that you, your family and friends will absolutely love! 



Who doesn't like chocolate, peanut butter and bananas? Who doesn't like a simple one bowl/blender recipe that can be made gluten free and vegan? If you do, please continue reading!

Crispy salty oven roasted chickpeas

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Chickpeas are basically great in almost any dish! In your salads, in rice dishes, as a flour for baking and to make HUMMUS of course! But there is another way to enjoy these delicious healthy and tiny peas.... Yes TADAAA crispy, salted, tasty and oven roasted as a healthy snack! WARNING: this can be addictive!