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Hi! I'm Nienke!


I am in my mid-twenties and living in Cancun, Mexico together with my boyfriend. I am not from Mexico, but recently moved there from The Netherlands, yup that's where I'm from! I am also studying to become a certified health coach, that's one of the main reasons for me to start this blog! 


After I graduated from my Master's degree, I worked as a Junior Buyer for a company in The Netherlands. During this time (the masters and work) I experienced the challenges  of combining a healthy lifestyle and diet with full time work plus social activities. I mean, it seems so much easier to just go for that fast and tasty lunch instead of prepping your own salad or sandwich right? Might seem like that at that moment, however afterwards you'll feel less energized when you have to sit behind your desk for the rest of the day. After some struggles, I found my balance and wanted to know more and more about maintaining and improving a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, I started to study Health Coaching.  



I've created this blog to share my 'health coach-knowledge', My Mexican experiences, but most importantly, to share delicious recipes that taste great and make you feel even better! I want everyone to experience that healthy and delicious food is not difficult to create and is only a quick recipe away! 


I try for all of my recipes to require a minimal amount of ingredients, minimal prep work and minimal cooking skills. There may be some exceptions but in general this is what you can expect from healthyfoodiefood. I love to experiment with new foods, create new (healthy) recipes and of course fail miserably along the way. 


The focus will mainly be on healthy desserts, snacks and breakfast recipes as I am a big sweet tooth. However, weekly lunch and dinner recipes will be posted as well! Most recipes will be refined sugar-free, dairy free and gluten free-friendly. I don't like to use white flour in general and mainly use substitutes such as spelt, almond, coconut, oat or whole wheat flour while creating my healthy dishes. There may be some exceptions in the cheat meal section, but hey, everyone can indulge sometimes, right?!


I don't believe in strict diets, I believe in a balanced healthy lifestyle with some indulgent every now and then. I want to inspire others to fuel their bodies with food that does not only taste amazing but also is amazing for your body, gives you energy and makes you feel good! The most important is finding a balanced lifestyle that works best for YOU! 


Here are some fun facts about me: 


1. I live in Cancun, Mexico which feels like a holiday everyday 

2. Although I love Cancun and am happy that I moved here to be with my boyfriend, I miss The Netherlands. Mostly my family, friends, pets, the dutch weather and Dutch FOOD.

3. I am obsessed with with all things dark chocolate, pizza, nut butter, avocado and coconut!  

4. I lived in London for one year to study my Masters which I absolutely loved! (also in Brussels and Cancun) 

5. I can not function properly unless I have 8 hours of sleep and a good breakfast 

6. I don't like apple pie or any other dish that includes hot apples or raisins! I like them RAW

7. I absolutely love animals!

8. I love to travel and explore different places and cultures

9. MY favourite cheat meal is definitely pizza (and brownies!) 

10. My go-to exercises are boxing and running (especially to blow of some steam!) 


Enough about me! Take a look around and leave a message, I would love to hear from you! 



xx Nienke