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Goodbye 26, Hello 25! Eh I mean 27 of course, or as some say here, 20siempre (I will stick to that one!). Is it just me, or is time really going fast? Maybe it is a sign? Am I really getting older? Well I am pretty sure that the days and hours are still the same. However, is it just me or are you guys with me that I still feel as though there is never enough time in a week to do what i need to do!! Well let's get to the serious talk now foodies! 26 has been one of the best years so far and the best is yet to come! I took a big step by quitting my job and moving to Mexico for the love of my life and it is the year that I got engaged to that love those were definitely highlights!



There have been many great changes this year, the start of Healthyfoodiefood, the building of new friendships and maintaining the other ones that have become long distance. From sweet goodbyes to my love to sweet goodbyes to family and friends, it keeps being difficult but hey it is what it is. It is just amazing how many things can change in 365 days! I have learned so much about myself this year, not to mention how important it is to stay true to yourself and to appreciate the family and friends that we have.


Everyone is talking about it, healthy habits, healthy lifestyle, healthy foods and so on. Everyone nowadays loves to throw around the word 'healthy' as much as they love their peanut butter and chocolate cups. The word just feels good to say, like it will magically transform us into a more clean and 'healthy' form of ourselves. This is (unfortunately) not true. To live a healthy lifestyle and become a better version of yourself you need to work hard and be consistent, which is very difficult for loads of people, including myself. 


So trying to develop these healthy habits can be a challenge by itself, something with all these salads, smoothie bowls and healthy meal preps, getting enough sleep and working out on a regular basis. All these things cut into time that could be spent having fun. Then, add this extra topping of difficulty that is all the conventional wisdom that is out there that, whoops, sometimes turns out te be false. 


I have experienced this with quite some clients now, they think they are living a healthy life but when they come to me for advice and we discuss their lifestyle, it turns out that their lifestyle is not as healthy as it is supposed to be. The result of this is that common 'healthy' habits can sometimes lead to problems, backfiring on the very benefits they intend to provide you with. Here are some 'healthy habits' to reconsider, or at least learn a little more about these so called habits: 


AH budget cooking challenge

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With the above ingredients, I am going to cook this week for the 5x5 budget challenge of Albert Heijn (Dutch supermarket chain). Since the beginning of February, I can call myself an Albert Heijn Ambassador and will collaborate with them every month on a different theme. This month's theme was cooking on a budget. Cooking 5 days for 5 Euros per day. For me this is also an opportunity to show you guys that healthy eating does not need to be expensive at all. For example all these groceries costed me €22,16, the zucchini's are on sale this week! So I even stayed a bit under my budget (Ha! so proud!). 


I have to admit that I never really watched very carefully how much I spend on my groceries. Of course I watched it a little bit but never looked at it very consciously. This challenge has made me more conscious to also watch my 'grocery budget' a bit better in the future (especially since we are getting married!!). I know that this is a fortunate position to be in that you don't need to watch your budget that close, but not everyone is in this position so I also want to show with this budget challenge that you can eat healthy and fresh foods on a budget! 

What about a cheat meal?

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We have all heard about the cheat or reward meal concept. You see it everywhere, on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other Blogs. Those super tasty looking cheesy french fries or perfect looking piece of chocolate cake. I love the idea of a cheat meal because in my opinion, you obviously need to fuel your body with the right healthy foods most of the time however, sometimes you need some 'fuel' for your 'soul' as well in order to keep up with that healthy diet and also because those foods are just so damn tasty!


We all love a good old greasy / sugary / high calorie sweet or salty cheat meal! In my, opinion this is a great thing to do. Let's go crazy! In the weekends I always have one thing on my to-do list, having my CHEAT MEAL! The purpose of a cheat meal is to help you stick to your diet and reward yourself for all the hard work you have done as well as what you have accomplished so far. For me this is a beloved part of the week and I always spent that time consciously, planning and thinking ahead of what I would like to have that day. Sounds a bit intense? Maybe it is, but hey, (almost) every person loves something greasy / sugary / high calorie, sweet or salty don't we? 


healthy on the go, 5 tips


We are always busy and going somewhere nowadays. Working hard, attending to loads of (mostly) fun social obligations, household tasks and of course finding some family and relaxing time somewhere in between. On top of that, we also want to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. When going to work or just having a full schedule for the day, it is sometimes difficult to make healthy snack choices. When you forgot to bring a snack and all there is to snack on are unhealthy options or there are just no stores near you.  


A healthy snack is an important part of a healthy diet in my opinion. As you will need good nutritious snacks in between your meals to keep your metabolism going and energy levels good as well as to keep you satisfied so you don't over-eat during lunch or dinner. Plus everyone likes to snack on something right?


Obviously when it comes to meal frequencies and snacks, it differs per person what works for them in a healthy diet/lifestyle. There are many studies and theories out there about meal frequencies. One of the most 'known' is probably the meal frequency of 5 to 6 smaller meals a day, however other studies show that eating just 3 times a day is the best frequency.


Healthy new year!



For me, the new year starts today! As I have had family over during the holidays and went to DISNEY in the beginning of January with Angel (my boyfriend) and his family and we returned yesterday. Since we had family over during the holidays and one of my brothers and his girlfriend have never visited me here before, I wanted to show them all the delicious and not so healthy Mexicans foods and drinks. They all loved it! All the tacos, mole, tortas, flans and Margaritas to name a few were a great succes and of course there was the christmas dinner with the big turkey and delicious sides plus a big chocolate dessert! It was just great to have everyone here and show them around!